Neu Hockeysmith

Sister duo from the Cornwall coast come good on backstory & tunes.


: Hockeysmith
Based: Cornwall
Similar to: Warpaint

Hockeysmith's story could be blown out of proportion, but we'll buy it. According to the bio they're two sisters, living in a caravan in a small Cornwall town. Somehow, within this environment, they presumably shut themselves off from everything and record ambitious 8 minute tracks with a view of the Cornish coastline. It's more interesting than 'bedroom band gets microphone, records songs', as backstories go.

Their two songs to date carry bombastic titles - eg. 'Let's Bang' - and navigate through oddball, adventurous territory like it's second nature. What's especially curious is that they have a debut single already printed, on clear vinyl, ready for release in August. Label involvement is foggy, but names have been mentioned. They used to play shows in Brighton, but Cornwall seems to be the perfect place for their strangely inclined, misty songs to come alive. Long may that continue.Pre-order the debut Hockeysmith single here.


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