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Stay + - Birthdays, London

Stay +’s rises hasn’t been as typical as once projected. When performing under Christian AIDS, I remember almost everyone in a huddled Brighton Audio coming out of the venue with grand pipe dreams for where the band was going to go. Since then they’re undergone a couple of changes - Moses Gold taking on a fascinating solo venture - and most notably, they’re doing releases with one of the finest labels going, Black Butter Records. Expect a boozy party atmosphere way into the night. This is free before 12am, so we’re guessing it goes on till LATE.

Dolfinz - Yeah Right It doesn’t get any more do-it-yourself than this. “This was supposed to be a single but things didn't work out”, say Dolfinz. So they’re giving it away in as part of a Pizza Club - Splashh did this once through the wonderful Art Is Hard label - and it’s probably their scuzziest, scrappiest and most charming cut to date. Yeah, right, you might be thinking. But play ‘Yeah Right’ and bam, you’ll fall in love in a hopeless place.


I don’t think there’s a band that’s united us in the DIY office quite as much as CHVRCHES have of late. And if the whole bloody country isn’t singing a chorus of praise for the band this time next year, we’ll know there was something in our coffee. These recent sessions tracks for Huw Stephens have cemented the Scot three-piece as masters of their craft. ‘Lies’ shows the band at their most excitable, frenzied and most crucially, uplifting.

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