The actual events: Nine Inch Nails have announced a new EP

According to Trent Reznor, it’s the second in a trilogy that kicked off with ‘Not The Actual Events’.

Last year, Nine Inch Nails released a brand new EP, ‘Not The Actual Events’, but it turns out that it wasn’t the last in the line of extended players to be released by the band.

The news of an upcoming new release was spread to fans via an email from Trent Reznor. In it, he talks about the band’s new partnership with Sandbag and how some vinyl reissues have been delayed. He then finishes off on a more positive note, saying that “THERE’S A NEW TOP-SECRET NINE INCH NAILS EP THAT WILL BE RELEASED BEFORE THE FIRST SHOWS WE DO THIS SUMMER”. Ooh er! That means we can expect something by 23rd July, when NIN play FYF fest in Los Angeles.

It seems as though the releases might be interconnected too, Trent also saying that: “DID YOU KNOW NOT THE ACTUAL EVENTS WAS THE FIRST PART OF A TRILOGY OF RELATED EPS THAT WILL BE RELEASED ABOUT 6-8 MONTHS APART? NOW YOU DO”. The more you know, eh?

You can read the full statement here via Reddit and yes, it does contain a lot of capital letters.

Revisit ‘Burning Bright (Field On Fire)’ from ‘Not The Actual Events’ below.

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