News Sundara Karma announce new EP ‘Oblivion!’

Check out the title track now.

Set for release on 1st April, Sundara Karma have announced their brand new EP ‘Oblivion!’, sharing the title track alongside the news.

“’Oblivion!’ came together so quickly, I wrote the whole thing in about 2 days in the summer last year,” Oscar Pollock says. “I had been revisiting a lot of my favourite music from around 2003 and was feeling quite nostalgic at the time. It definitely plays into the rockier aspects of our ‘sound’ but ultimately I think it’s a wonderful pop song. For me ‘Oblivion!’ is about the aftermath of a deeply intense relationship, there can be a lot of loose ends and debris. The rug gets pulled out from under your feet and in many ways it feels like your reality shatters. It’s about this kind of fatalist feeling you can feel when you’ve put your all into something and for some reason things aren’t working out. It feels like the end of the world and like everything around you is crumbling.”

Accompanied by a new vid directed by Prosper Unger-Hamilton, Oscar adds, “There is a lot about ‘Oblivion!’ that is overtly Americanised and right from the get go we felt it was a great opportunity to lean into this theme aesthetically. Prosper Unger-Hamilton thought it made sense for the video to reference images of impact and collision and we explored different types of extreme sports and the kind of garments the players wear but American Football felt like the perfect backdrop for a doomsday narrative. It was such a pleasure working with Prosper and Hannah on this video and I think the final product looks a million dollars.”

‘Oblivion!’ EP tracklisting:
1. Oblivion!
2. All These Dreams
4. Everytime
5. Godsend

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