Album & EP Reviews

People Club - Take Me Home

Ironically, they’re at their best here when eschewing the musical styles they put at the forefront.

7th May 2021

Frances - Wonder

The issue is that it’s entirely forgettable.

9th April 2021

Sleaford Mods - Spare Ribs

Not one for anyone who’s not already won over by the pair’s particular charms.

15th January 2021

Deftones - Black Stallion

You have to hope that everybody involved enjoyed putting it together, because it ain’t much fun to listen to.

11th December 2020

Eels - Earth To Dora

For a songwriter who’s so loved for finding poetry in the quotidian, for saying so much with so little, it’s just a bit basic.

30th October 2020

Annie - Dark Hearts

For anyone still humming ‘Chewing Gum’ or ‘Heartbeat’, it’s a disappointment.

16th October 2020

Caroline Rose - Superstar

Her ascent to superstardom isn’t impossible - it just might take a little longer than planned.

6th March 2020

Kaiser Chiefs - Duck

To bemoan their seventh LP for the confused stinker that it is is not an easy pop, but a real lament for a band that used to be so much more.

26th July 2019

Keuning - Prismism

With all the composite parts in place, what ‘Prismatic’ lacks isn’t effort, but direction.

25th January 2019

Bondax - Revolve

For something that has the promise of hitting bullseye, too many of the darts miss the board entirely.

28th September 2018

Ash - Islands

It’s a shame most of ‘Islands’ doesn’t have anything to grab hold of.

18th May 2018