Album & EP Reviews

Crumb - Ice Melt

‘Ice Melt’ struggles to reach the same bright heights as its predecessor. From the off, it’s simply boring.

30th April 2021

TV Priest - Uppers

You could probably hum a fair approximation of ‘Uppers’ without actually listening to it.

5th February 2021

Partner - Never Give Up

A record that exudes potential but tends to canter as much as it gallops.

20th November 2020

October And The Eyes - Dogs and Gods

There’s the unfortunate sense that this six-track release is too one-dimensional to make the newcomer’s name stick.

20th November 2020

EOB - Earth

Too indirect and underplayed.

17th April 2020

Deap Lips - Deap Lips

By each party’s style rubbing off on the other, they’ve also sanded them down.

13th March 2020

Allie X - Cape God

There are undeniably beautiful and anthemic moments here, but on the whole it falls short.

21st February 2020

Nelson Can - So Long Desire

Nelson Can have demonstrated a hitherto unseen ambition with ‘So Long Desire’.

31st January 2020

Girl Ray - Girl

Like watching strangers from across a dance floor.

8th November 2019

Liz Lawrence - Pity Party

There’s promise on ‘Pity Party’, but Liz Lawrence remains a work in progress.

25th October 2019