Album & EP Reviews

VLURE - Euphoria

This floor-filling debut seamlessly blends subterranean dance textures, crunching guitar, soaring synth leads and pulsating intensity.

14th January 2022

Deap Vally - Marriage

The sound of Deap Vally tapping back into what makes them tick.

19th November 2021


Things get truly exciting when IDLES combine the atmospheric with the experimental.

12th November 2021

Pip Blom - Welcome Break

Pip Blom haven’t changed their sound, but they do feel like they’ve got to know it better.

12th November 2021

Kills Birds - Married

The group unleash the spirit of punk with sharpshooting smarts.

12th November 2021

Katy B - Peace and Offerings

A nuanced, striking and incredibly welcome return from one of Britain’s finest vocalists.

29th October 2021

Pixey - Sunshine State

She packs the calmer moments with so much atmosphere that they’re just as bright as the singles.

29th October 2021

Lana Del Rey - Blue Banisters

A collection of sun-kissed moments and hazy memories, free from judgement and firmly rooted in place.

22nd October 2021

Liily - TV Or Not TV

Liily seethe with a new found riotous energy that dictates every twist and turn.

22nd October 2021

WOOZE - Get Me To A Nunnery

WOOZE have set their stall on crafting a stylish and riveting brand of indie-disco, and they have achieved just that.

22nd October 2021

Finneas - Optimist

A startling ability to carry a tale of kindred love, loss and the weight of fame.

15th October 2021

404 Guild - Guild Three: Open Water

Where they’re headed sonically next could be from any of these paths, but every which one would remain just as exciting.

14th October 2021

Remi Wolf - Juno

‘Juno’ is a resounding celebration of existence and Remi Wolf is the MC.

15th October 2021

Hayden Thorpe - Moondust For My Diamond

Hayden Thorpe is still feeling out the next leg of his musical journey, but has the distinct advantage of making every left turn he takes sound assured.

15th October 2021