Album Review Connie Constance - Miss Power

The witching hour is here, and ‘Miss Power’ is mesmerising.

Connie Constance - Miss Power

As we bundle up for autumn, Connie Constance pulls us through the turning leaves. ‘Miss Power’ begins with green whispers, Connie singing of elves, changelings and fairies caught ‘between two worlds’. The album itself feels stretched between two forces, Connie teetering between plucky folk tales and heavier punk anthems but always landing steadily into both. Tracks like ‘Never Get To Love You’ manage to flit between each within a few seconds, a power that proves spellbinding. ‘Kamikaze’ is a winding explosion of feminist fury; her laughs of “I’m not your perfect little princess” ringing out against punching drums and sneering guitar riffs. We hear her at her most raw on ‘YUCK!’, then she’s ‘Con Con’, a pet name shared by her father on intimate voicenote ‘Home’. A mammoth six-minute spoken word, ‘YUCK!’ is the centrepiece that spews Connie’s brains, exploring everything from pesto pasta to shoddy governments and mutant rats. It’s weird, whimsical and even more liberating as she sings, “Life is pretty swell now, I’ve been smiling a lot”. The witching hour is here, and ‘Miss Power’ is mesmerising.


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