Album Review Mac DeMarco - Five Easy Hot Dogs

One for only the most dedicated Mac-heads.

Mac DeMarco - Five Easy Hot Dogs

That Mac DeMarco went on a road trip to create ‘Five Easy Hot Dogs’ makes a whole lot of sense - and not just because the tracks are named sequentially after a handful of cities in geographic order. The songs contained within are audibly his, with the same laid-back, cassette-recorder-low-on-battery sound that takes its cues from ‘70s soft rock on show, but their limited palette causes each to blend into the next - especially when consecutive recordings from cities (‘Gualala’ and ‘Gualala 2’, the Vancouvers 2 and 3, etc) carry motifs over from one another. It’s akin to being shown a slideshow of holiday photos, each frame not immediately visibly different from the last. One for only the most dedicated Mac-heads, then.


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