Upbringing: Yo La Tengo

The band’s James McNew talks us through their biggest influences, old and new.

April 30, 2018 2:09pm

Upbringing: Hundred Waters

From Chopin to, erm, swaddling clothes, the band’s Nicole Miglis​​ talks us through her musical upbringing.

September 21, 2017 11:24am

Upbringing: Deerhoof

From topsy turvy drum kits, to a longstanding hatred for a Queen song, the band’s Greg Saunier talks us through musical obsessions, old and new.

September 18, 2017 12:47pm

Upbringing: Algiers

The band’s Lee Tesche talks us through his musical obsessions; from The Beach Boys, to bumping into Stevie Wonder in a music shop.

June 28, 2017 1:11pm

Upbringing: Julien Baker

Ahead of playing London’s Bush Hall, Julien Baker talks us through her musical obsessions.

June 5, 2017 4:20pm

Upbringing: Palehound

With second album ‘A Place I’ll Always Go’ on the way, we talk Avril Lavigne and shared birthdays with Ellen Kempner.

May 26, 2017 11:15am

Upbringing: Basement

The band’s Andrew Fisher talks us through early musical obsessions, from the recorder, to Less Than Jake.

March 16, 2017 12:00pm

Upbringing: Chastity Belt

We grill the Seattle-based band on their early musical obsessions, as they ready a new album.

December 2, 2016 10:31am

Upbringing: Modern Baseball

Ahead of their third LP ‘Holy Ghost’, the Philadelphia punks take a trip down memory lane.

February 25, 2016 5:00pm

Upbringing: Girls Names

The Belfast post-punks’ guitarist Phil Quinn talks influences and inspirations.

February 18, 2016 1:19pm

Upbringing: FIDLAR

Frontman Zac Carper talks DIY through his early musical obsessions.

January 20, 2016 3:22pm

Upbringing: Daughter

Delve into the influences and upbringing of Daughter singer and multi-instrumentalist (ooh, fancy) Elena Tonra.

January 15, 2016 11:32am