First & Last: Cocknbullkid

We ask Cocknbullkid Anita Blay for a few of her firsts and lasts.

What better way to get to know someone than ask them the first and last time they did… well, a lot of things.  We ask Cocknbullkid Anita Blay for a few of her firsts and lasts in preparation for the release of her first album. See what we did there?

Instrument you learnt to play?
It was a guitar. 
Last: A piano. Or the panpipes actually. I bought some panpipes from a market and I decided to try to learn them. I don’t know why. They’re quite simple but I still haven’t mastered them yet. I don’t know if I can pull it off!

Time you played live?
Maybe 2003. So that’s like… nine years ago, at Joe’s Cafe. There were loads of different artists performing. It was when I was part of this studio in North London and we’d put on showcases there.
Last: Last night at Heaven. That was really good. Metronomy were very, very good.

Song you wrote?
I think I wrote it with my cousin and my brother when I was about seven, and I think it was called ‘Every Step I Take’. It was awful, obviously.
Last: It was called ‘Don’t Call Me Babe’, for another artist. I’d actually been writing it for Nicola Roberts of Girls Aloud.

Time you entered a recording studio?
It was about ten years ago, a studio that I ended up working at in North London. I first started recording there, learning how to use equipment and stuff. I was there for about three years.
Last: Last week. I had to do a thing for an advert. A pitch for an advert, I think.

Record that inspired you?
I think it was ‘Never Say Never’ by Brandy. I used to love Brandy. I listened to her loads when I was younger. I played that to death. I knew all the words to every song.
Last: Maybe the Beach House album. That’s good. I listened to that loads as well. ‘Teen Dream’, I think it’s called.

Musician you met?
It must have been my music teacher at school.
Last: Devlin. I just met him about an hour ago, he was doing an interview.

Gig you went to?
When I was younger, I used to enter all of the Capital FM competition things to win tickets to go and see your favourite band. I think I won one to go. It was like a roadshow thing and 5ive were playing and Another Level. Atomic Kitten maybe. So that’s my earliest memory of going to see a live music event.
Last: Last Thursday I went to watch The Shoes. They’re a French duo - they play electronic music. And Man Like Me, they played at XOYO. It was a good night. They’re one of my favourite live bands.

Musical collaboration?
With my cousins and my brother at about seven.
Last: It was with The Shoes. They sent me some tracks that I’m going to write to. I’ve started doing some vocals for them. 

Format you bought music in?
Probably the cassette. Definitely the cassette actually.
Last: An mp3. It was an iTunes download, I think.  

Cocknbullkid’s debut album, ‘Adulthood’, will be released in May 2011.

Taken from the April 2011 issue of DIY, available now. For more details click here.