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Postal Address

2nd Floor, Unit 23
Tileyard Studios
Tileyard Road
London N7 9AH

Please make an appointment before visiting us! Also, we’ve got terribly new computers (the show-offs that we are) which don’t have CD drives in. Save your postage, send us emails instead!

We have had ‘quite a few’ people enquiring about work experience of late. Unfortunately, we don’t currently have the capacity to have any additional bodies in the office as it stands, nor the time to mentor anyone in a way any of you lovely people would deserve.


If you’re looking to get something commissioned on DIY, it’s best to email the whole team (addresses below - we won’t bite, honest). Don’t expect an instant response - pitches will be discussed in weekly editorial meetings.

For further specifics on everyone’s role and what’s best to contact them for, see below.

Managing Editor: Sarah Jamieson ([email protected])

Speak to Sarah about cover opportunities, print commissions, brand activity and any general enquiries related to the DIY team.

Founding Editor: Emma Swann ([email protected])

Talk to Emma for festival enquiries, album and live reviews, and live photography. Please note, we work about eight weeks ahead when it comes to record reviews!

Features Editor: Lisa Wright ([email protected])

Speak to Lisa about feature opportunities across print. Also she’s your woman if you’re interested in co-promoting, DIY Presents events or having DIY host a stage at your festival.

Digital Editor: Will Richards ([email protected])

Speak to Will for news, new music enquiries and features for online.

Staff Writer: Rachel Finn ([email protected])

Art Director: Louise Mason ([email protected])


Print Advertising: Lawrence Cooke ([email protected])

Online Advertising: Rupert Vereker ([email protected])

If you have any queries relating to subscriptions or purchases made via the DIY shop, please contact ([email protected]).