Hooray For Earth - True Loves

Hooray For Earth’s Noel Heroux gives us a track by track guide and exclusive stream of the record.

With a week to go until the release of their debut album, ‘True Loves’, Hooray For Earth’s Noel Heroux gives us a track by track guide and exclusive stream of the record he wrote and recorded across a five week period in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The three-piece will follow up their November UK debut headline tour this February and March to support the album’s release with dates calling at London, Manchester and Glasgow.

1. Realize It’s Not The Sun
Vocal layers sampled from ‘True Loves’. I recorded it specifically to open the record. It’s about not knowing what’s going on. Ever.

2. Last Minute
This is about being stranded on the highway or in the woods. Also about not knowing what’s going on ever. The music was meant to sound like the the beauty of giving up yourself after taking care of others, or something like this.

3. Sails
This track, to me, ends up sounding like a cross between Nine Inch Nails and Robyn. It’s possibly about being kidnapped, or becoming a king or queen of someplace.

4. True Loves
This track is all vocal, guitar and drums (and one organ sample). I wanted to make a pop song that was a massive, heavy wall of notes and melody.

5. Same
This another about traveling in barren area, this time with another person.

6. Hotel
I was completely checked out through this track. It’s about being launched into space in a pod and realising what religion is while you’re up there stuck in the pod. Also something about a lot of people being on coke.

7. No Love
Beyonce has got some really great shit, she’s always totally ON.

8. Bring Us Closer Together
This is about exploring the woods as a child and maybe old video games. And mood stabilisers. And mescalin. I recorded a demo of it after watching Ghostbusters 2 one evening.

9. Pulling Back
Running from a deadly creature. This is also a manipulation of the ‘True Loves’ vocal layers.

10. Black Trees
The most natural thing I can do to represent most music I make is to show you this video.

Hooray For Earth will release ‘True Loves’ via Memphis Industries on 27th February.