Label Profile: Pink Mist

Alex, Simon and Kev tell us about their new joint project.

Big Scary Monsters has 100+ releases to its name. Holy Roar counts Rolo Tomassi and Gallows amongst its roster. Blood & Biscuits is an exciting London start up. Together they’re Pink Mist, Earth’s most awesome indie label collective.

How did Pink Mist come about? Whose idea was it?
Simon, Blood & Biscuits: Come to think of it, it might have been mine.
Alex, Holy Roar: It stumbled along for a while until Kev gave it a prod and kicked our asses into gear.
Kev, Big Scary Monsters: The three of us are all good friends and have worked together on a few things in the past, so the collective is really a progression of that. Running an independent record label these days can be hard (and lonely!).
Simon: We’re all running our own DIY labels and figured rather than all hiking up this mountain separately, we might as well do it together.
Kev: Plus it gives us a good excuse to get together each week and debate emo vs metalcore!

Can you tell us a bit about what it is, and what your plans are?
Kev: Pink Mist is a means to promote our bands to a wider audience, first and foremost, through our joint samplers, showcase tours and our combined web presence.
Simon: I guess the simplest way of describing it is a label collective. The idea is that each label remains separate, but Pink Mist is the name of the collective.
Kev: For now it’s just the three labels and we each manage a couple of bands under the Pink Mist name, but further down the line we have more elaborate ideas for expansion, hopefully allowing us to discover and work with even more great bands than ever before.

It sounds like a great idea, pooling your respective resources…
Kev: That’s exactly it! Between the three of us we have a number of years experience in the industry but each of us are better at certain things, and in slightly different fields.
Simon: There’s a really strong DIY scene in the UK which none of the ‘big indies’ are even going near. I
this is an opportunity for us to embrace the community we’re part of, and act as a platform for the new bands emerging from that.

Are you likely to recruit any other labels into the fold, do you think?
Simon: I think so, yes. What is key about this relationship is how naturally it’s come around, out of us knowing each other for years. The hours we’ve spent together in Bodeans and Whetherspoons are the backbone of this operation!
Alex: In future we would also like to open the door to other labels we love that release great music and do whatever we can to help them, if they need it…
Kev: There are a lot of awesome labels releasing some really good music out there.

Pink Mist will release compilation album ‘Hello Pink Mist’ on Record Store Day, 16th April.

Taken from the April 2011 issue of DIY, available now. For more details click here.