Are you afraid of the dark? King Tuff’s top horror and supernatural TV shows and movies

King Tuff’s new occult-themed album, ‘Black Moon Spell’ is out this week.

King Tuff runs through the horror and supernatural TV shows and movies that twisted his brain “into the chewed up piece of gum it is today,” ahead of the release of his occult-themed new album, ‘Black Moon Spell’ on 22nd September via Sub Pop.

The Gate

A portal to hell opens up in some kid’s house similar to the portal we opened in the studio when we made Black Moon Spell. Little goblin dudes come to party and the kid grows a sweet-ass eyeball in his hand.


Another movie about a house with a demonic portal… This time it’s in the bathroom medicine cabinet. It also stars George Wendt from Cheers.

Tales from the Crypt

I’ve always dreamed of looking like the crypt keeper when I’m old, playing a guitar made of rat faces plugged into an electric brain.

Doctor Who

This show freaked me the fuck out when I was a kid, mostly because I had no idea what was going on and I didn’t understand why his scarf was so long.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

This shit literally made me piss myself but I couldn’t stop watching it, so I kept pissing myself. I’m still pissing.

The Return of the Living Dead 1 and 2

I like any movie with punks and graveyards and in part two there’s a decapitated zombie head saying, “Get the damn screwdriver out of my head!” It’s the best.

The Toxic Avenger

Such a powerful symbol of my childhood… We lived on top of a toxic shit heap in New Jersey and I really related to Toxie. He’s the ultimate product of the slime green 80s.

Garbage Pail Kids

A very important film about embracing ugliness.

Pet Sematary

Aunt Zelda crawled into my young mind and still screams me to sleep every night.

Taken from the September issue of DIY, out now. King Tuff’s new album ‘Black Moon Spell’ will be released on 22nd September via Sub Pop Records.

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