Festivals Beck gets full-on funky at Glastonbury 2016

His high octane Pyramid Stage set pays tribute to all manner of legends.

Out in force in a snazzy polka-dot shirt, and that famous hat of his, Beck doesn’t hang about when it comes to diving headlong into the hits. The twanging blues of ‘Devil’s Haircut’ kickstarts a no-holds-barred greatest hits set, with the Pyramid Stage’s thousands strong crowd acting as unofficial backing singers, howling ‘Loser’ right back. “This is nice,” he quips in response, cooly wandering the stage.

‘Lost Cause’ offers a brief moment of country-tinged respite, but other than that, Beck’s intent on amping up the energy to the maximum setting. “If you’re standing in the mud, and you don’t give a damn say hell yes,” he drawls, prompting an entire field of soggy fans to pogo along to ‘Hell Yes’. For the encore it’s a quick trip back to 1996, and Beck’s ‘Where It’s At’ and then, by way of covering Bowie’s ‘China Girl,’ the band speedily barrel forward three years to Prince’s ‘1999’.

A high-octane, funk-driven set that pays homage to all manner of legends, from Chic to Kraftwerk, Beck’s just the ticket to undampen Glastonbury today.

Photo: Emma Swann / DIY

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