Album Review Lonely The Brave - The Hope List

Lonely The Brave - The Hope List

Their brand of intense but atmospheric rock feels rejuvenating.


Throughout their time as a band, Lonely The Brave have managed to create a slew of boldly cathartic anthems and with new record, ‘The Hope List’, that tradition looks set to continue. Despite the departure of previous vocalist David Jakes back in 2018, new frontman Jack Bennett picks up where he left off; managing to tread the same fine line between fraught and ultimately hopeful that David made so vital during their first two records. Backed up by powerful guitars and soaring vocals, their brand of intense but atmospheric rock feels rejuvenating - and is perhaps even a tonic - with the likes of ‘Chasing Knives’ and its title track providing a real sense of solace after such a conflicting period of time time for us all.

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