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Brash beats and playground punk are in Karen Marie Ørsted’s past, but she’s combining the two in order to become a superstar.

How she actually ‘It’s such a self-centred culture we live in.’ ended up on her bouncing, beat-ridden approach is anyone’s guess. She spent time in a punk duo called Mor, channelling Peaches and getting (relatively) big off the back of a track titled ‘Fisse I Dit Fjase (Pussy in your Face)’, released back in 2009. Not the average chart-bothering upbringing, then. During this time, she started getting more confident about singing. Recording scrappy beats with no real end-point, she eventually collaborated with Ronni Vindahl - who remains her partner-in-crime - and it was here that she sang acapella for the first time.

“It was all about attitude to begin with - it was easy to hide behind it,” she admits. Also stressing that “I would love to play in a punk band again,” it was Vindahl who opened up the possibility of working on something shinier, giddy to the point of explosion.

What followed was a series of do-it-yourself video recordings. Most of them show MØ glaring at a camera with her headphones on, chopped-up visuals collapsing in on themselves. “I’ve always been about how the music and visuals have to fit together and it have to be true,” she stresses. At the time, they worked in perfect sync. Bedroom pop (comparisons to Grimes were, and still are, prominent) found its visual match. This was a bored kid making batshit crazy songs, completely unbounded.

Things have since gone up a notch in the budget stakes. But that hasn’t stopped MØ in her tracks. It’s still the same person singing these songs. The youth remains the focus. “You can’t see anything because you have this teen filter in front of your eyes,” she recounts. “I can still feel the ghost of that, what it was like to be that way.” Memories of fucked-up thoughts and nagging doubts are keeping her grounded. Despite possessing the confidence of someone capable of selling a million records - all on the back of this projection of self - she still admits, “I don’t know if you ever know who you really are.”

She’s not as full as complexities as the tattoo collection might suggest. But she’s also not a complete picture just yet. It’s a process of discovery that’s steering her forwards. “Like everybody, I’m filled with contrasts. There’s a more mellow side but then there’s the weaaah! side,” she says, arms flailing, tongue pointed outwards. In a quest to become the biggest thing on the planet, MØ’s not holding back in any way. “I put my heart as much in a ballad as I put it in a song where I’m more like YEAH!” she screams, sticking her middle fingers into the air at nobody in particular. Punk’s in her blood, so is pure-pop. Goodness knows what else is in the system. One thing’s for certain: She should never change.

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