News Upbringing: Seye

London glossy pop star shows another side to his musical palette - he’s even a fan of Jimmy Eat World.

You’d assume that Seye was brought up on a strict diet of bouncy, adventurous pop. Indeed, when we first heard ‘White Noise’ back in March, the premise seemed clear: Here existed a bright and breezy pop star of potential stardom. But in our ‘Upbringing’ interview with the musician, where we talk all things pop culture, a very different side to the songwriter emerges. This glossy pop diet is thrown to one side. Seye was raised up on Jimmy Eat World for crying out loud! All prejudices go to rest.

First single you ever purchased with your own money:
First thing I ever bought was ‘Bleed American’ by Jimmy Eat World! Still to this day one of my favourite bands and one of my favourite songs.

First piece of music which you felt compelled to play for hours on end:
Mojo Pin by Jeff Buckley blew my mind when I was a kid. I think I was about 9 or 10 and watching VH1 with my brother Gbenga, when that song came on. I didn’t play guitar yet but wanted to learn that riff at the beginning. It was so melodic but also so weird, plus anything JB sings hits you in ways you don’t expect. I wish he were still around so I can ask him ‘DUDE! how the hell did you come up with that you talented b*****d?’

Biggest literary hero:
Philip K Dick and Neil Gaiman. Philip K Dick because I am a massive fan of Sci-Fi. A true geek at heart. He was such a visionary, paving the way for not only the Sci-Fi writers of today BUT influencing other writers of other genres. Neil Gaiman is one of the wittiest writers I’ve ever read and the worlds he creates, like in the Sandman Graphic Novels and with American Gods (read it, it’s my favourite book).

Worst musical habit, writing or recording:
Chewing stupid amounts of Cherry Airwaves. I go through about a whole pack a day! I find it hard to feel comfortable in the studio without them there. I’m currently in counselling about it!

Music you loved in your teens but ended up falling out of love with as you got older:
In all honesty I still love most everything I listened to in my teens. There are things I don’t listen to as much nowadays like Radiohead and Muse, but I still much love and have respect for those bands.

Worst gig you ever played?
I was playing in a band when I was 15, we did the Mean Fiddler, I was having a great time and did a stage dive but everyone moved except for my mate’s girlfriend. I took her out, landed on her. It was horrible. Pure gig fail.

Most memorable scene from a film:
Pretty much anything from The Three Amigos (see below) especially the insults ‘…you son of a motherless goat’.

Greatest piece of advice you’ve ever had:
It sounds cheesy but “Just be yourself. Just be your damn self!”

And one final quote…?
“Never eat yellow snow.”

Stream Seye’s ‘Mexicana Bounce’ video below. The single is out on 24th September through Stranger Records / Mercury:

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