Interview: What’s going on with… ?

We caught up with the Danish pop ledge for a quick update on album number two.

So, what on earth is going on with MØ, then? Good question! She’s taking ages to make her second album, but for very good reason, it turns out. The former DIY cover star has unexpectedly found herself propelled to chart-topping stardom in the last few years - thanks to her ongoing collaborations with Major Lazer and DJ Snake - and it’s not only given her a glimpse of other possibilities, it’s also proved tricky to align with her lo-fi beginnings recording in her bedroom. It’s a challenge she’s enjoying taking on.

We caught up with the Danish pop ledge as she was midway through munching a croissant in Paris (casual!) for a quick update on that follow-up to ‘No Mythologies to Follow’.

Hello MØ, or should we say, bonjour. How’s that second album of yours coming along, then? We haven’t chatted about it for a hot minute!

It’s going well, but it’s been a really, really long process. I had those big [collaborative] singles [with Major Lazer] and all of a sudden it was a different scenario. I had to find my own voice again, in a way. Not in a bad way, but when I release my own stuff, and do a real release I want it to be 1000% right. I don’t want to compromise. I realise, or rather I came to learn [laughs], that it takes a long time. It’s true what they say about the second album. It’s the hard one! I would always laugh about that before, like ‘ah, that’s bullshit!’ But it’s so true. Yeah. I guess I’ve been saying that it’s coming along for three years now [laughs]. Always when I say it, it’s because I really think it is, so I’m gonna stick to that again!

As you say, your Major Lazer collaborations - especially ‘Lean On’ and ‘Cold Water’ (which also featured Justin Bieber) - blew up and became massive pop hits. Did that throw your timeline off, as well?

Yeah. That’s what changed everything. In a good way, but it also made it harder. Before that whole collaboration with Major Lazer I was doing much more of an indie thing. All of a sudden, I’m standing in the middle of two worlds, having love for both worlds, and you gotta find your own voice. You can’t just rely on their sound, but you also don’t want to go back because you want to evolve. It’s a long process, finding my sound and voice again, basically.

And you really can’t rush that kind of stuff, right?

Exactly. And also, I’ve been touring and stuff, and so you can’t rush it. It takes time, but that’s fine. It’s a learning process.

Photo: Jenna Foxton

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