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With his album due out in the UK this month, we thought we’d get the low down on him and find out what he thinks of our London noise scene.

New to the West Coast noise scene of the States, San Diego’s Nathan Williams gives us WAVVES. His sound has been described as crust / slack / beach / punk, which pretty much seems to sum it up nicely: after all, he is a fan of the Beach Boys, Beat Happening and The Wipers. With his album due out in the UK this month, we thought we’d get the low down on him and find out what he thinks of our London noise scene. Lucy Tesco talks spelling, hot chicks and demons in a short but sweet, nine question interrogation.

Hi WAVVES. Before we start anything, I’d just like to clear something up: two ‘v’s? Is that a typo?
No, there’s no typo. I just doubled up on the ‘v’.

So how did you first get into music? Were you always a bit of a melody maker?
Probably ‘cause of my parents. They played as well. So I guess I could put it down to a bit of a musical family background.

Why solo? Did the idea of forming a band not tempt you or did it just never cross your mind?
I’m impatient when working with other people. The songs are easier to write by myself right now, so it just makes more sense to do it alone.

Speaking of bands, when describing your sound, people have often referred to other west coast outfits such as No Age and Abe Vigoda. How do you like them?
I love them so that comparison doesn’t bother me at all! I actually just played with both of them, as well as Mika Miko, at The Smell in LA and they were awesome.

A lot of us over here are really into that whole scene. There does seem to be a bit of a Brit equivalent forming with acts like Gentle Friendly, Male Bonding, Pens… Have you heard any of their stuff? If so, what do you think?
Yeah I have heard those bands, I like them a lot. Their sound is good. Amelia from Pens does a lot of artwork for me. What a dream boat she is!

Are you looking forward to coming over here and playing for us? Will it be your first time visiting the UK?
Yeah, it will actually be my first time in the UK, and fuck yeah I’m looking forward to it! It should be fucking awesome.

Nice artwork, by the way. Are you the outdoorsy type?
Outdoors? There’s nothing for me out there.

If music weren’t an option, what would be the one thing you’d choose to do instead?
I imagine I’d probably be playing football. I’ve played it all my life. It’s just something I’ve always done, like music. So yeah, football.

A couple of your track titles mention demons. Are you into the occult or believe in that sorta thing?
I don’t believe in anything. That’s just the booze talkin’.

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