Those Dancing Days - In Our Space Hero Suits

A really special piece of work that will sound perfect for the autumn and will stay with you forever.

After the intro (the six second long ‘Knights In Mountain Fox Jackets’), the first four songs on ‘In Our Space Hero Suits’ could well amount to the best set of pop songs put together on any album this year. This is no mean feat considering the pop records that we’ve had thus far and the songs that follow this initial burst are no real downer either. What we have here is a really special piece of work that will sound perfect for the autumn and will stay with you forever.

Those Dancing Days may be young, but they manage to portray more beauty and soul than many more experienced artists. Singer Linnea Jönsson’s voice is incredible and shows Ms Whinehouse for the gravel voiced drug addict she really is. The youthful aspect of the band and their outlook make the songs what they are and the lyrics brilliant, singing about making the “best mixtape in the recorder” on ‘I know Where You Live’ and “you’re not my actionman any more” on ‘Actionman’.

Brilliant single ‘Home Sweet Home’ is introduced by slowly played guitar chords before a vintage sounding keyboard joins in and the drums take it into the realms of classic pop song; “Home sweet home, I’ve been away for too long / Home sweet home, this is where I belong” goes the chorus. Furthermore ‘Run Run’ is easily a 10/10 song and one of the best songs of the year, ‘Hitten’, steals the keyboard intro from The Pipettes ‘Pull Shapes’ and is easily as good.

‘Kids’ takes time to get going but with the soulful vocals, delicate keyboards and bells it’s a song that’s more than capable of keeping you warm through the winter months. ‘Those Dancing Days’ which follows couldn’t be more different however, electronic blurts of keys and a danceable beat makes it an indie-soul dancefloor must. It’s great that their age and outlook doesn’t alienate older listeners, instead drawing them into Those Dancing Days world and bringing back memories of youth and feelings from when things were simpler.

It’s not just the young girls extraordinary talent that’s apparent here, producer Max-Mans Wikman has coaxed some fantastic sounds out of the instruments, the drums in particular sound brilliant throughout and whilst often low in the mix, under the keyboards and organs, the guitar is likewise. On top of this everything is given its own space and sound perfect throughout and peppered with bursts of brass which elevate the songs further.

‘In Our Space Hero Suits’ isn’t actually a perfect record, but when it is good it’s as close as makes no difference. When it dips slightly it’s simply ace. “Music for life, Those Dancing Days”, go the lyrics to their eponymous song; this sounds about right to us, you need this record in your life.

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