Latitude 2015

Real Lies search for their true selves at Latitude 2015

Real Lies’ potential lies in the balance of bratty indie and heavy New Order influence.

On record, Real Lies’ cocktail is an intriguing one. One part bratty indie and two measures of heavy New Order influence, early tracks have veered wildly in different directions as they try to find their feet while, er, ‘saving’ London’s music scene. Single-handedly. Apparently.

It’s a tough mixture to stomach at times, with the bitterest elements of their lad attitude shining through on DIY’s Alcove Stage. Sunglasses indoors? Check. Sneering at the crowd? Also check. You can’t blame them for being a little grumpy – it is rather hot today, and they are wearing an awful lot of black – but when it’s all backed up by twinkling synths, they don’t make easy bedfellows.

Grumps aside though, there’s diamonds in the rough. At times guitars dwarf the mix and they come across as the spiritual successors to any number of rising indie stars – it’s nothing new, but with that post-punk backbone it’s at least got swagger. And when the electronics do take over, they’re delightfully danceable. Hacienda party it is not, particularly with half the crowd taking in a well-earned sit down, but it’s another notch on the belts of a still-emerging act that should help them perfect their schtick in months to come.

Early single ‘Seven Sisters’ sashays a little too close to Pet Shop Boys at a pantomime, but they pull it back by closing on ‘World Peace’. The snottiness of their lad-rock inspirations comes to the fore, but it’s forgivable when backed up by their most effortlessly well-rounded song to date. Real Lies’ potential lies in the balance – a bit more time spent finding the sweet spot and they’ll be golden.

Photo: Mike Massaro.

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