Paul Institute is go Surprise! A.K. Paul’s shared a new track, ‘Landcruisin’

Surprise! A.K. Paul’s shared a new track, ‘Landcruisin’​

Fresh from (sort of) unveiling the mysterious ‘Paul Institute’, A.K.’s already offering up new music.

After launching his mysterious Paul Institute project alongside his brother Jai Paul earlier this week, A.K. Paul’s already sharing new music from the vault.

“The first taste of music from the already talked-about Paul Institute” comes in the form of ‘Landcruisin’, a track Zane Lowe dubbed “Blade Runner pop” after debuting it on Beats1 moments ago. He’s not far off, to be fair - neon-on-black and seemingly plucked out of a new millennium, it fires the brothers Paul’s joint sound forward another million miles. If this is what we can expect to spew forth from the Institute, it’s suddenly looking very exciting indeed.

Zane Lowe played it three times in a row, too, so you know it’s pretty bloody great.

Hear a dodgy rip below, or if you’re a Paul Institute member, you’ll have got a text from your mate A.K. telling you ‘Landcruisin’ is available to listen to on their website.

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