Jäger Curtain Call Listen to Hawk Eyes’ new track ‘When I Find Out’

Listen to Hawk Eyes’ new track ‘When I Find Out’

The band recorded their new offering down in Curtain Road’s Strongroom Studio for Jäger Curtain Call.

Next week, the final step of this year’s Jäger Curtain Call will be taking place: Hawk Eyes will be taking to the stage alongside The Computers for a teensy show down at The Old Blue Last. Ahead of their stint, though, the Leeds natives have shared their brand new track. 

Through Jäger Curtain Call - our endeavour with Jägermeister aiming to help bands on their road to success - the group have had the opportunity to spend the day in a studio, record a track and play a show, all on the same stretch of iconic East London road. 

Their new song ‘When I Find Out’ is a rough-around-the-edges affair, recorded at Strongroom Studio back in October and, as frontman Paul Astick explains, it was a track they didn’t want to overthink too much.

“We wanted to throw something together quick,” he told us, “to exorcise the drag-your-heels demons. John [Mackenzie] wrote the whole thing, we all added little embellishments here and there. It’s great having John in the band, he’s been playing drums with us now since early 2014, and has been very involved in our current album. He brings a really good critical ear and I feel blessed he’s come in as he is such a prolific songwriter and artist himself. 

“The track is called ‘When I Find Out’, and the lyrics? Well, [they’re] always random, always something from nothing. I tend to find what sounds good and then attach some thread to them afterwards.”

Have a listen to ‘When I Find Out’ below, and buy tickets to their show with The Computers now.

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