Listen: BEAK> share BEAK> KAEB’ EP and video for ‘Broken Window’

BEAK> share ‘BEAK> <KAEB’ EP and video for ‘Broken Window’

The new “alter-ego” release is out on the Geoff Barrow’s Invada label now.

BEAK have shared the ‘BEAK> <KEAB’ split EP online as well as a new video for ‘Broken Window’.

The split EP is available to hear and purchase on Bandcamp and is out on Geoff Barrow’s Invada label. The new release serves as the follow-up to BEAK>’s debut album ‘>>’ from 2012.

The EP features two songs from BEAK> and two from what has been described as their “ever expanding and floating membership” alter-ego, <KEAB. <KEAB’s track ‘There’s No One’ also features vocals from California-based hip-hop artist Jonwayne.

Stream the ‘BEAK> <KEAB’ split EP and watch the video for ‘Broken Window’ (directed by Tia Salisbury) below.

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