Watch: Youth Lagoon shares new video for ‘The Knower’

It’s a bizarre, firey journey through a Sim-ified nursing home.

As anyone who has spent any level of time playing The Sims will know full well, it’s a surprisingly cruel game. Whether it’s removing swimming pool ladders, putting random objects in the way of the toilet, or starting full blown blazes in lovingly designed homes, The Sims truly has the power to bring out the worst in people. With his new digitally rendered video for ‘The Knower’ - which has more than a hint of Sim-ville about it - Youth Lagoon heads inside a burning Savage Hills Nursing home, and follows a parakeet and a lone women as they make their leisurely escape.

Youth Lagoon released his third album ‘Savage Hills Ballroom’ last month, and along with this track, he shared ‘Rotten Human’ and ‘Highway Patrol Stun Gun’ ahead of release. Read the DIY interview with Youth Lagoon here, and watch Trevor Powers’ new video for ‘The Knower’ below.

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