Have You Heard? TRAAMS - A House On Fire

The best encapsulation to date of TRAAMS’ uncontainable live show.

TRAAMS have been surging towards something great for some time. Last year’s ‘Modern Dancing’full-length was a step up, taking the energy of that debut and tying it down with that knot-tight rhythm section. ‘Slipping’ and ‘Penguin’, those two newbies unleashed earlier this month, proved they had the chops to take things further still. ‘A House On Fire’, though, is the most captivating and crazed the Chichester trio have ever sounded.

That bass-drums pairing sounding like they’re ready to blow from the off, they tug things forward, teasing and taunting frontman Stu Hopkins as he yelps and screeches against their restraint. “I set a house on fire,” he declares with typical nonchalance, one-upping his bandmates’ madness at every given opportunity. It’s hard not to picture them locked up in the studio, taking pot-shots at each other both musical and physical, such is the tension in every wail of feedback. By the time it all breaks loose, they’re running amok, lighters aloft and searching for their next fiery victim.

Eight minutes fly by in a millisecond. Hypnotic and deranged, it’s fitting that ‘A House On Fire’ was primed at packed-out, beer-soaked venues - it’s the best encapsulation to date of TRAAMS’ uncontainable live show.

TRAAMS play the Queen of Hoxton for DIY and Jägermeister’s #JagerCurtainCall - tickets are on sale now.


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