Arty: Bonobo is up to something

A mysterious mural has emerged in East London. How very James Blake of him.

Bonobo’s stirring.

DIY spotted a mysterious mural bearing the Brighton producer’s logo in East London’s oh-so-trendy Shoreditch this evening, bearing both the Bonobo logo and some new artwork. Presumably, it’s a hint towards a new release.

The East London Mural Tactic (that’s its official name now, ELMT for short) has been utilised by both James Blake and his old pal Bon Iver this year, to drum up hype for both ‘The Colour In Anything’ and ‘22, A Million’ respectively.

Check out said mural below. Back at the start of the year, Bonobo promised a new album before 2016 was out, so the clock’s ticking on Simon Green’s ‘The North Borders’ follow up.

Bonobo is up to something
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