Album Review Snail Mail - Lush

Snail Mail - Lush

It’s the crunchy, full band material that really points the way forward.


On debut EP ‘Habit’, Lindsey Jordan presented herself as a supremely talented young songwriter, able to evoke vivid emotions over simple but affecting instrumentation. All this promise is taken to the red line on Snail Mail’s first full-length, ‘Lush’.

The record is started - and largely defined - by lead single ‘Pristine’. The scrappy, lo-fi backing of ‘Habit’ is beefed up and given a polish, and the new, heftier instrumentation serves to lift the singer’s words even higher. “I know myself and I’ll never love anyone else,” she sings, lamenting her reluctance to move on from a past relationship, while sounding incredibly sure of herself despite the hurt.

The record is peppered with slower solo tracks, but it’s the crunchy, full band material that really points the way forward, adding another name to the growing list of songwriters that are giving indie-rock a new, more relatable voice.

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