From your sofa… DIYsolation: #1 with Sports Team

DIYsolation: #1 with Sports Team

Our first livestream isolation session will take place on DIYs Instagram at 5pm today!

While we’re all sat at home in self-isolation, we thought it was time to bring the fun directly to your sofa…

Last week, we hosted a session with Porridge Radio and King Nun for the British Music Embassy, and now we’re introducing our very own series.

Welcome to DIYsolation!

A weekly livestream on our DIY Instagram, streamed directly to you at home on Tuesdays, we’ll be getting some of your faves to show us what they’re up to. And first up are Sports Team!

With their debut album ‘Deep Down Happy’ set for release on 19th June, the six-piece are currently in the countryside recording/hosting talent shows via their own Instagram, and we’ll be catching up with them later today and letting them take control of our Instagram. Pray for us.

In their own words, they’re promising: “A sobering reminder of the importance of WiFi connectivity to the rural economy. And we’ll show you round some of the bunker.”

Tune into our Instagram at 5pm to watch the chaos unfold. See ya there!

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