EP Review Miss Grit - Impostor

Miss Grit - Impostor

The powerful, playful guitars set her up as a natural successor to axe queen St. Vincent.


Korean-American Margaret Sohn’s second EP under the Miss Grit moniker deals with feelings of displacement and questions of identity. Yet, though the particular isolation born from those ideas makes itself felt in the spacious, echoing sonics of opener ‘Don’t Wander’, by the time ‘Buy the Banter’’s gnarly riffs kick, there’s more defiance to be felt here than defeat. Across ‘Imposter’, the mood seesaws between the two; ‘Blonde’ spirals from meditative beginnings into a cathartic purge over its nearly-six-minutes, while the powerful, playful guitars of ‘Grow Up To’ and ‘Dark Side of the Party’ set Sohn up as a natural successor to axe queen St. Vincent. Miss Grit, you sense, could find herself on a similarly impressive trajectory.

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