EP Review emir taha - Hoppa Pt. 2

emir taha - Hoppa Pt. 2

One to keep an eye on.


‘Hoppa Pt. 2’ continues where its counterpart, released back in June 2020, left off, establishing emir taha’s signature mix of Turkish folk, alt-pop and R&B. His vocal shifts seamlessly between styles, navigating delicate melodies while switching between English and Turkish. Pared-back and carefully controlled, layered instrumentation elevates each track and create a sense of drama. ‘Bad Reception’ starts off with folk-tinged picking before a trap beat takes over, while highlight ‘Autopilot’ hooks listeners in with its accelerating grooves. Sure, ‘Katikulli’ might sound like one of many alt-pop R&B numbers, but when embracing the back-and-forth between styles and the juxtaposition of melodies and vocals, ‘Hoppa Pt. 2’ marks emir taha out as one to keep an eye on.

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