Watch Sassy 009 reveals ‘Red Plum’ video

Photo: Jacqueline Landvik

The track is lifted from forthcoming mixtape ‘Heart Ego’.

Ahead of the release of new mixtape ‘Heart Ego’ on 22nd October, Sassy 009 has revealed the video for new single ‘Red Plum’.

Speaking on her new track, Sassy 009 shares, “Red Plum represents the uncompromising, unfiltered headspace that, although I don’t show it myself, it is felt deeply on the inside. The idea came out of frustration over being trapped in-between the need of knowing what goes on in everyone’s lives through my phone, and the unpleasant feeling of observing someone who deals with their pain very publicly.”

Accompanied by a video co-directed by close collaborator Maria Hilde, Maria adds, “I love to indulge into Sassy 009’s world, and with Red Plum, I feel like we dived into the core, private and intimate.”

Check it out below.

‘Heart Ego’ Tracklisting:
1. Forever Seventeen
2. Blue Racecar
3. Mystery Boy
4. Here Comes The Weekend
5. Red Plum
6. Wannabe
7. It’s Complicated
8. Ego Heart Ego

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