Round-up Tracks: Beck, Twin Atlantic, & More

DIY writers pick out the biggest and best new songs from the last seven days.

Happy Friday to you all - as ever, it’s been a week in which music was released. We’ve picked out the biggest and best new songs to emerge, and there’s plenty to get stuck into. The Avalanches eventually came out of hiding after 16 years of quiet, Twin Atlantic are getting their teeth stuck into a new chapter, and Beck is back, too. That’s just for starters, and all.

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Beck - WOW

“Wow,” repeats Beck, in that semi-rap voice of his, “it’s like right now.” It’s the chorus of yet another one-off track from the indie-hop-country-whatever stalwart (this one’s released to coincide with his appearances at a handful of summer festivals), and boy is he on the money with that line.
He’s taken the pan flute-style sounds Diplo dominated 2015’s charts with, under-pinned them with an understated hip hop beat, and once again, concocted a delicious number that fits among a handful of his upbeat records (bleeps and bloops of ‘The Information’, hint of ‘Midnite Vultures’’ sleaze, and a dot of ‘Guero’’s rhythm for good measure). Best of all, he’s made it sound, well, ridiculously NOW. (Emma Swann)

Twin Atlantic - No Sleep

After the intriguing sounds that arrived with ‘Gold Elephant: Cherry Alligator’, the goal is wide open for Twin Atlantic. With their first single proper, however, they seem to be taking a more classic approach. Still packed with crunching riffs and commanding vocals, ‘No Sleep’ is just as much of an assault on the senses, but this time, their target is much more clear. A band that have obviously got a lot to say, and finally feel ready to say it, this is a track that could well mark a new beginning for Twin Atlantic. (Sarah Jamieson)

The Avalanches - Frankie Sinatra

Wait 16 patient years, and you’ll get an entire avalanche of samples crammed into one claustrophobic ocean of accordions – that’s the score according to this lot, at least. To say there’s a lot kicking off in The Avalanches’ long-awaited return is perhaps an understatement. Parping along, thumbs in braces like a grinning, swaggering slice of Eurovision pop, both MF Doom and Danny Brown pop in to say hi along the way, and the Aussies also sample 1940’s calypso singer Wilmouth Houdini, and even the Sound of Bloody Music. It’s intentionally naff, and knowingly silly. ‘Frankie Sinatra’ obviously nods to a giant musical figure by title, without really saying much about him. It’s all the more ironic considering featured guest Danny Brown once commented that Sinatra was “no Marvin Gaye”. Wry, smirking, and more than a little nonsensical, this is an intentionally puzzling return from The Avalanches. They could swerve in any direction next. (El Hunt)

God Damn - Ghost

God Damn’s new ‘un ‘Ghost’ is rough, tough, and fuzzier than an explosion at the fuzzy felt factory. Chugging along with all the tenacity of a freight train on the loose, the Wolverhampton band return in snarling form, but it’s not all unforgiving onslaught, here. Somehow, God Damn manage to blend all of that impenetrable riffy shadow, and all of their fearsome, scorched-earth darkness, with the cowbell, of all bloody things. Like Casper the Ghost playing an especially mean poltergeist for the afternoon, this is raw unrelenting rock served up with big ol’ smirk. God Damn, it’s good to have you back. (El Hunt)

Slaughter Beach - Glaze

Viscose and glittery - like a pot of syrup that’s taken a dip in disco-land - Danish trio Slaughter Beach specialise in smooth, glossy pop packed with tightly packed textures. Their latest single ‘Glaze’ is their most immediate and densely packed yet; hook after soaring hook packed wall-to-wall like gold-stacked honeycomb. The band take their name from a titchy American town, which apparently got its name because of the thousands of crabs that wash up on the beach every year and die. Lovely stuff! That sharp pincered doom and gloom aside, Slaughter Beach actually have a knack for iridescent euphoria. Following on from their shimmering ‘Love/Venice’ EP last year, ‘Glaze’ is their boldest, biggest song to date. (EH)

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