News Tracks: Sunless ‘97, CHVRCHES, Tourist And More

Blimey, another week down, and as we’re edging ever closer to the one day a year when you’re legally allowed to tell literally everyone that you love them (that’s how Valentine’s Day works, right?), we thought we’d find you some shows that you can proclaim amour about, too. Without any further ado, let’s get on with this week’s quite brilliant Tracks.

CHVRCHES - Recover

CHVRCHES don’t do anything that is any less than brilliant. Three fully realised studio tracks, three absolute blinders. It doesn’t take Statto to work out that’s a 100% hit rate. ‘Recover’ will be familiar to anyone else who has everything the band have performed to date bookmarked in a nice, alphabetical list of youtube links (that’s not just us, right?) - more deceptive in its charms than ‘The Mother We Share’ or ‘Lies’, the chorus here is the real ear worm. Our so-called-new-music expert may not have previously realised how much CHVRCHES have saved away for a rainy day, but let him off lightly. Their full length, when it finally drops, will blow his tiny mind. (Stephen Ackroyd)

Suede - It Starts And Ends With You

Pity poor old Suede. Gazumped once again this week by yet another shock returning act in My Bloody Valentine, their rather excellent comeback single has been slightly overshadowed again. It’s certainly not a single that sounds like it is an afterthought though; ‘It Starts And Ends With You’ is Anderson and co at their triumphant best. A call to arms for the disaffected and hopelessly romantic, it’s a wonderful piece of anthemic guitar pop from a band that has been positively reborn. There remains something hugely thrilling about Brett Anderson’s voice in full flow and the band has provided a melody to match. A supremely stirring comeback promises much ahead of the release of ‘Bloodsports’ in March. (Martyn Young)

Tourist - I Have No Fear

In advance of his new EP due later this month, Tourist have previewed new track ‘I Have No Fear’. Whilst the electronic slow-jam may not have the upbeat pop hooks that we’ve heard with previous works like ‘Your Girl’, it’s a lesson in the production capabilities Will Philips has developed. Brooding synth forms the backbone as pitch-shifted vocal samples are morphed over tight drum clicks into the track. All this leaves us with a production ethic halfway between that of Jamie xx and AlunaGeorge - in other words, at the peak of the game. (Ian Paterson)

Sunless ’97 – Aurora I

Previously a founding member of Larrikin Love, Ed Eke turned his talents to forming a new band with some old friends. Last June, aforementioned London trio Sunless ’97 released dream-pop single ‘Body Weather’ that arrived at the right time with its summery feel. They’re back for 2013, with a sharper and even more tropical sound in the form of new single ‘Aurora I’. Whilst the haze of echo surrounding the vocals and general vibe is still the same - the synths are punchy, the vocals are riding on the ripples of echo rather than hiding beneath them and the bassline subtle but dancey. It bounces along with such a vibrancy that will make it perfect listening once the cold weather has finally disappeared. (Aurora (‘I bet you think this song is about you’ - Ed) Mitchell)

Willy Moon - Get Up

It’s Willy Moon! Yes! Back again with another catchy blues-infused song - with hints of proper 80s pop in this version. He’s a super producer turned to the stage and it shows. Ambitious with his beats and finely tuned mastering of tracks. Unique, and he doesn’t even work hard to do it. The debut LP is due this year, ‘Here’s Willy Moon’, and we’re excited to hear it. Massive thumbs up. (Elise Cobain - Alive And Amplified)

Broadway Calls - Bring on the Storm

‘Bring on the Storm’ is track one from Broadway Calls latest album ‘Comfort/Distraction’. Produced by The Descendents’ very own Bill Stevenson at the Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado and released by No Sleep Records on the 5th February. The whole album is a fine display of pop punk, with catchy lyrics by vocalist Ty Vaughn, I felt like I had heard the songs before, even on first listen. An instant hit. (Cilléin McEvoy - Built To Fail)

Action Bronson - Strictly 4 My Jeeps

There are few rappers more exciting rappers in the world right now than Action Bronson. The Queens New York native is at the very top of his game following last year’s excellent ‘Rare Chandeliers’ mixtape collaboration with The Alchemist. ‘Strictly 4 My Jeeps’ is Bronson’s latest offering and it perfectly illustrates his mix of classic New York hip-hop sounds and unimpeachable confidence in a 3 minute blast of jumped up, whip smart thrills. Taking a sample from EMPD’s ‘Rampage’, producer Harry Fraud has created a crackling break beat rush, allowing Bronson to weave his own idiosyncratic, frenetic rhymes on top. ‘I’m a hero in my home town baby,” he boasts. Indeed. (Martyn Young)

Banks – Before I Ever Met You

New addition to the current LA electronic scene, Banks, has already collaborated with Lil Silva for garage-reminiscent banger ‘Work’ – her mellifluous vocals a perfect fit against a bass-heavy backdrop. Now announcing the release of her debut single, ‘Before I Ever Met You’, we are met with an entirely different entity. Potent, dark and reflective – it starts off with haunting harmonies that permeate throughout, hinting to a softer sound than what follows, a dark, pulsating beat and vocals that often show a similarity to Katy B. Banks talks about a lost love, “Before I ever met you, I never knew I could be broken in so many ways” Her voice exudes a mixture of anger towards the person that hurt her and a determination to move on. However, her last words “You and I don’t work” are left to hang in a swirl of echo, suggesting that she’s come to terms with it. (Aurora Mitchell)

The Cut Ups - Torches

The Cut Ups are an Exeter based punk band. The song ‘Torches’ is taken from their 2012 LP ‘Building Bridges. Starting Here.’ (released on Household Name Records). The male and female vocalists work together so well, sounding fresh from start to finish, with a chance for everyone to show off what they are capable of. The song features Franz Nicolay (ex-Hold Steady & ex-World Inferno/Friendship Society) who adds his keyboard skills, giving a funkier/jazzier twist to the song. It really suits the sound of the band, and the album is well worth getting your hands on. The music video is really well thought out and nicely executed! Worth checking out even if punk isn’t your thing. A great step for the UK punk scene. (Cilléin McEvoy - Built To Fail)

Bad Moon – Quinton Expressway

The really early demo from the fledgling band is the precise point when you know whether there is something there or not. With Bad Moon’s ‘Quinton Expressway’, something is definitely stirring inside these trippy teens from Birmingham. The track can’t keep still, it goes from dreamy soundscape to garage rock breakdown and back again within its three and a bit minute life span. All the while, Jordan Crawford’s half awake, half dreaming vocal delivery adds even more psychedelic leanings to this already pretty out-there offering. There’s a bad moon a-rising. (Jack Parker)

Paper Arms - In Silence

‘In Silence’ is track two from the latest LP by Aussie punks Paper Arms. The song is very well constructed, and really sets up for the rest of the album. Mixed by Brian McTernan (Polar Bear Club, Hot Water Music, Thrice), ‘The Smoke Will Clear’ is a great display of what is emerging from ‘down under’. With a diverse sound, dragged out vocals at times that really captures the anger in the heart felt songs. And simple, but powerful drumming and slick guitar riffing, these guys are not to be ignored. Having played shows with the likes of Strike Anywhere and Mad Caddies, I should hope they have a bright future ahead. (Cilléin McEvoy - Built to Fail)

In Silence by Paper Arms

Kavinsky - Protovision (Blood Orange Remix)

Dev Hynes might be busy touring with Solange Knowles, but he’s got enough time to lay his chill touch on Kavinsky’s horsepower heavy ‘Protovision.’ The gear’s been shifted from fifth to a glossy first - the emphasis being on relaxed grooves - but fans of the original shouldn’t see that as a bad thing. Glacial vibes cruise along a dual carriageway of breathy synths and cooing vocals that cry: “You carry on all by yourself.” It’s all as shiny as a brand new, Turtle waxed Ferrari.

And when you least expect it – vroom! – the accelerator’s smashed, the track races up to 88 miles per hour and it seems Kavinsky’s firmly in the driver’s seat again. Beefy synths and prog-rock guitars emerge but it’s more Justice’s ‘Audio, Video, Disco’ than Top Gear’s opening credits.

Gorgeous and pulsating, those waiting in anticipation for Kavinsky’s debut should be satisfied with this in the meantime. (Alex Yau)

Swingin’ Utters - Brains

‘Brains’ is the third song to be put online from the Swingin’ Utters latest record, after they reformed after a seven year hiatus in 2010. The band also features Jack Dalrymple (One Man Army, ex-Dead To Me) on vocals in some songs and playing guitar. They’re extremely talented with several instruments that might not necessarily be considered ‘punk’, but they definitely make it work. Looking forward to the album later this month. (Cilléin McEvoy - Built To Fail)

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