Gorillaz announce new album ‘Cracker Island’

And we sent Murdoc and 2D some questions to find out more…

Set for release on 24th February, Gorillaz have announced their eagerly awaited eighth studio album ‘Cracker Island’.

With features from Stevie Nicks, Adeleye Omotayo, Thundercat, Tame Impala, Bad Bunny and Bootie Brown and Beck, ‘Cracker Island’ was recorded in London and LA earlier this year, after Gorillaz relocated to California as they recruit new members to join ‘The Last Cult’.

Guitarist Noodle says of the band’s new record, “Cracker Island is the sound of change and the chorus of the collective.”

Russel Hobbs adds “When the reckoning comes, gotta be ready to step through the gateway. Cracker Island’s got the entry codes…”

2D says, ”The path to Cracker Island isn’t easy to find ‘cos it’s underwater.”

And Murdoc Niccals announces, “The hallowed tones of Cracker Island will soundtrack our collective ascension into the new dimension! JOIN ME!”

We sent Murdoc and 2D some questions to find out even more…

“If you’re after a pithy pull-quote, let’s go with ‘Cracker Island is a stone-cold banger’.”

— Murdoc Niccals

Hey 2D and Murdoc! Congrats on the album announcement, how are you feeling?
Murdoc: I’m feeling incredibly calm and centred, like a boulder in a river as the churning waters crash over me, but also like a butterfly carried heavenward on the breeze. That probably won’t make sense to you cos you haven’t reached my level of consciousness. My guess is you’re currently at the level of perhaps a mollusc or a hamster, about where 2D is.
2D: Watch it.

You’ve been inviting fans to join The Last Cult for some time - how do we get involved? What can we expect when we join?
Murdoc: Thought so, another lost soul pinging around on the pinball table of existence… Biggest hurdle is admitting how empty and bereft you are, so well done for taking the first step. Next step is to sign up at The Last Cult dot org and await further instructions from your Great Leader (me). As a little spoiler, you can expect 100% non-fake miracles and a curriculum of soul-cleansing physical labour in my Silver Lake garden.

You relocated to California to recruit new members. How’s that been going? What’s the sunshine like compared to London?
2D: Yeah we’re livin’ in LA now in a weird house on a hill. I don’t see a lot of sun as I’m underground most days digging holes in the garden to clean my soul or something.

Noodle described your new album as the “sound of change” - what can you tell us about this change?
2D: I thought it was called Cracker Island but yeah the sound of change is when you hear jingling in your pocket. It’s a good sound cosit means you’ve got enough money for a bag of crisps.

How does ‘Cracker Island’ compare to your previous releases?
Murdoc: Each of my creations sits atop the one that came before it, miracle upon miracle stacked up, rising into the cosmos as a great column towering over all creation like one massive obelisk of miracles! Behold the obelisk! WORSHIP THE OBELISK! Y’know, that said, if you’re after a pithy pull-quote, let’s go with ‘Cracker Island is a stone-cold banger’. Cheers.

You recently celebrated 20 years since your debut. How was it reflecting on that time?
2D: The mighty one the Great Leader Murdoc says you can’t look back at the past or something cos the past don’t matter, that way you don’t have to say sorry for all the bad stuff what you done. He is quite wise.
Murdoc: Praise Be To Murdoc!

What’s the plan for the next 20 years?
Murdoc: If the prophecies are right (and who am I to doubt them!!), the next 20 years will involve me sitting on a very ornate throne made from some kind of dazzling precious metal, possibly of extra-terrestrial origin. It’s always nice to have something to look forward to.

What else can we expect from Gorillaz this year?
Murdoc: What, leading humankind to the promised land as foretold in the ancient prophecies not enough for you? Some people…

‘Cracker Island’ Tracklisting:
1. Cracker Island ft. Thundercat
2. Oil ft. Stevie Nicks
3. The Tired Influencer
4. Tarantula
5. Silent Running ft. Adeleye Omotayo
6. New Gold ft. Tame Impala & Bootie Brown
7. Baby Queen
8. Tormenta ft. Bad Bunny
9. Skinny Ape
10. Possession Island ft. Beck

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