Interview Teeth: ‘Beth Ditto’s A Complete Bitch’

The self-professed geeks chat ‘Whatever’ with DIY.

TEETH are London trio Veronica So, Ximon Tayki and Simon Whybray. Perhaps best known for hacking Lady Gaga’s twitter account last year with the following proclamation: ‘I swear my dick is not as big as T33TH’S!!!! POPWRLDSUCKZ!!! PUNX UNITE!!!! <3’, the self-professed geeks have also created many great noisy electronic anthems. 2010’s ‘See Spaces’, simple yet addictive, was a blog phenomenon and newbie ‘Care Bear’ has been similarly received. A few years in the making, a full-length album entitled ‘Whatever’ is out on 19th September. In the mean time, we had a little chat with them about the forthcoming record, touring and their feelings towards Beth Ditto.

How was playing in America? Did you find it different to playing over in the UK?
Yeah it was awesome. We had hotels, swimming pools and free food. Someone came to interview us from NBC. We got driven around. The UK sucks. Artists get treated so much better everywhere else. We’re not planning any UK shows after our next tour. Not for a while anyway. We want to go to Japan.

Your debut album’s on the way, with a launch at the Lexington in September. You must be quite excited?
We are ecstatic. We’ve asked our longtime friends Pens (who are reforming for the show) and Gross Magic to play - it’s gonna be neo-nostalgic. It’s almost sold out already so that’s awesome too.

What can you tell us about it?
Everyone who buys an advance ticket gets a special glow in the dark TEETH alien guitar pick. There’s no other way of getting one, and we’ll never make them again. Our album will be for sale too. Also, Adele is coming.

The title ‘Whatever’ could hint at a bit of apathy or perhaps a bit of mystery. What impression were you trying to give to potential listeners when you came up with that?
If you don’t feel like there is anything at stake, things always turn out great. So, ‘Whatever’.

I remember seeing you play ‘Care Bear’, the latest single to be lifted from the album, almost a couple of years ago now. Have you been working on all of the material for while now?
Yeah the song is like 3 years old. We were never serious musicians. We just wanted to play for our friends and drink free beer and get paid for going to hang out with friends at shows. The album is a collection of songs we made while we did that. There is a lot of variation. We’re looking forward to working on new stuff.

How do you go about writing new material?
For ‘See Spaces’, Wendy and Lisa wrote the demo without us, and then we heard them practicing it behind our back and we told them we weren’t gonna play their stupid music. Then shit went down at home and we wrote some lyrics and played it just before we were about to loose our residency at the First Avenue club.

Are there any stand out tracks for you on the album?
Yeah the newer stuff is good. ‘U R 1’ is good. ‘Flowers’ too. All of them are great though.

DREAMTRAK always does great remixes of your songs. Have you thought about making a DREAMTRAK Vs TEETH remix album?
Ugh remix albums. Wanna do extended 12” versions.

Your sound has obvious ties to the likes of Kap Bambino with its trashy, bleepy electro sound. If you had to label yourselves as being part of a particular ‘scene’ or genre, what would it be?
It would totally be that synth-punk scene. Catherine is a massive fan of ours. So is Alice. Crystal Castles have been quoted saying we’re the only thing they listen to. It’s our scene. They can be in it if they want.

Who would you list as your influences and have they changed over the process of writing the album?
They never change. 90’s rave, Blechdom from Blectom, Tamion 12”, Erase Errata, GnR, Gross Magic, Mariah, Prince, Seams, Hole.

You’ve got an autumn tour on the way and a reputation for a great live show. What can attendees expect from you this time around?
We’re looking for someone or something to sponsor our tour. So we can have a massive tour van and an amazing lighting rig and crap loads of awesome merch and free beer.

Finally, tell us something about TEETH that you’ve never told anyone else before?
We are actually really homophobic and Beth Ditto’s a complete bitch.

Teeth’s debut album ‘Whatever’ will be released on 19th September, preceded by single ‘Flowers’.

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