The Big Moon: "We’re all like these tiny dinosaurs hatching out of eggs"

Neu The Big Moon: “We’re all like these tiny dinosaurs hatching out of eggs”

Snack-obsessed, these four Londoners are also ‘Sucker’’s for a good hook. They talk to DIY ahead of the Neu Tour 2015.

Three of the country’s best new bands are treading their own separate courses and taking bright baby-steps. This October, however, they’re joining forces for a triple-headliner extravaganza across the country. It’s the DIY Presents the Neu Tour 2015, and it’s going to be insane. We’ve put together a guide to the bands on the bill. Get tickets here.

“I had to turn off my emails because I was freaking out a bit, having a little bit of a panic attack,” The Big Moon’s Juliette Jackson told DIY back in May, speaking about the bonkers reaction her band received when they started out. The fever hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down, since then. They’ve toured the country with Yak, picking up hundreds of new fans in the process. And things have barely begun. Debut single ‘Sucker’ was a vicious statement of intent, but by the time October rolls round, they’re going to be one of the most talked-about new bands in the country. Prepare to freak out even more, Juliette. We had a quick catch-up with the frontwoman to talk tour life, healthy snacks and making best friends on the road.

All three bands on the bill seem to be in a similar position, ready for greatness - it’s exciting!

We’re all like these tiny dinosaurs hatching out of eggs. We’re all at the same stage, riding on this surprising wave of ‘Oh wow, this is really happening! We’re being musicians and doing tours’. It’ll be good to go on tour with these guys, experiencing all this weird new shit together.

How’s it been so far, the touring life?

The Yak tour was amazing. That was just so much fun. Before that, we’d only done a couple of shows here and there. And then to go on tour for two weeks with another amazing band - that was special. It was really good to watch them every night, I learnt a lot about how to have fun on stage. We didn’t stay on hotels for that tour - we just stayed with mates. We were all sleeping on people’s floors and sharing beds. And we know each other a lot more. This band has only been together for a year now. But once you’re sharing bedrooms, that’s when it really works. We all feel like sisters now. I’ve got three new best friends.

Is that reflected on stage? You all seem to bounce off each other, playing live.

We’re playing and it’s kind of funny. We’re on stage and there’s all these people looking at us. We look into each other’s eyes and we laugh. We’ve got these in-jokes and it’s hard to explain. It’s magical. All these lights are shining on you and you think, ‘Isn’t it crazy that all these people have come to see us and they’re standing in the same room, looking at us’. Babies dance - they don’t know why they do it, but if you play music they just start moving their bodies around. It’s incredible. Everybody should do the same - dance at our shows.

Is there one thing all new bands should keep in mind for going on tour? One service station that significantly improves the touring life?

Always take as much as you can from the rider, on the night before. I think we’re all really square, though. We all get in the van with oranges, olives and almonds. Also - try and avoid getting fat. You have a lot of spare time and there’s a lot of free food. And if you come from a place where you don’t have much money - you’re used to eating toast or rice - suddenly you’re presented with all these snacks. That’s what everyone does. They just snack. We’ve offered out picnic snacks to fans before if they’re standing in the front row.

The Big Moon will play DIY Presents the Neu Tour 2015, also featuring VANT and INHEAVEN and starting 1st October. See the dates here and get tickets here.

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