Live Review Gengahr, Omeara, London 13th October 2017

The quartet brought new single ‘Carrion’ and their upcoming second album to Omeara.

When Gengahr returned with new single ‘Carrion’ last month, it showed a band evolving and reaching for darker territories. When the track closes the main set at the band’s comeback show at Omeara tonight, it’s already received like a classic.

Before that - and after an excellent, extremely promising opening set from Hello 2017 alumni Dama Scout - almost all of the band’s upcoming second album is given an airing, and points towards a brilliantly varied follow-up to 2015 debut ‘A Dream Outside’.

‘Mallory’ is the first new cut shared, coming after blazing opener ‘Heroine’. A slower, more considered cut than ‘Carrion’, it’s full to the brim with melody and John Victor’s hazy lead guitar line. Similarly to ‘Carrion’ though, it sees Felix Bushe’s vocals taking on a newfound twang in a lower register.

‘I’ll Be Waiting’ is another extremely exciting preview, falling closer to the relaxed sway of ‘A Dream Outside’, while ‘Burning Air’ is a gritty ode to ‘90s indie rock. There’s also plenty of reminders of what a brilliant debut ‘A Dream Outside’ was, with ‘Bathed In Light’ and ‘Fill My Gums With Blood’ still irresistible earworms, and probably the least likely songs you’ll see a sort-of-moshpit emerge to this year.

It’s ‘Carrion’ that really impresses though, even more urgent and relentless live, and already a focal point of the band’s set, less than a month after it was unleashed on the world.

‘She’s A Witch’ - which remains one of the best indie songs Britain has produced in the past five years - and ‘Embers’ close the set, and while it’s a rapturously received ending, the main takeaway from tonight is that there’s plenty, plenty more to come from Gengahr - by the sounds of it, they’ve got a hell of a second album in their back pocket.

Gengahr, Omeara, London Gengahr, Omeara, London Gengahr, Omeara, London Gengahr, Omeara, London Gengahr, Omeara, London Gengahr, Omeara, London

Photos: Robin Pope / DIY

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