Countdown: Rage Against The Machine are up to something

Rage Against The Machine are up to something

A countdown’s appeared on the X-Factor-haters’ website.

It looks like Rage Against The Machine may be readying an announcement.

The rap-rockers’ new website, Prophets Of Rage, has been updated with an oh-so-mysterious countdown. Set to finish on June 1st, it’s paired with the hashtag #TakeThePowerBack - a reference to the track of the same name from Rage’s 1992 self-titled album.

Posters bearing the hashtag have also been spotted around Los Angeles (below), while it’s been pointed out by fans that ‘Prophets Of Rage’ is the name of a Public Enemy song. The plot thickens there, as Public Enemy’s Chuck D has taken to Twitter to share live clips of Rage Against The Machine performances (also below), perhaps suggesting that Rage and Public Enemy are gearing up for a joint tour. That’s a whole lot of hating on the government.

Rage Against The Machine haven’t played together since 2011, but the band’s bassist Tim Commerford confirmed to Rolling Stone last year that they “are still a band, and might still tour again.”

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