Premiere: Deerhoof pull no punches on ‘That Ain’t No Life To Me’

Deerhoof pull no punches on ‘That Ain’t No Life To Me’

Hear another thrashing cut from new LP ‘The Magic’.

Deerhoof could so easily tick boxes, stagnate and rest on their laurels like 99.9% of bands would if they were approaching their sixteenth album. Instead, they decided to rent out abandoned office space in the New Mexico desert, turned the electrics on and record a full-length in the space of seven days.

No surprises then that ‘The Magic’ is crammed full of excitable, spur of the moment rock ’n roll. Everything hinging on self-destruction, this time Deerhoof’s experimentation favours short-lived and gut-wrenching cuts. They tangle together tight-knit ideas that could verge off into insanity at any moment.

‘That Ain’t No Life To Me’ spans 1 minute, 52 seconds, chucking simple chords against the wall, chants of “I know what it’s all about!” rushing past in a moment of sharp realisation.

It links up with ‘Debut’, another hellraising cut from their new LP.

DIY has the first play, streaming below. ‘The Magic’ is out 24th June via Upset the Rhythm.

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