Festivals: Aurora puts on spellbinding performance at Latitude 2016

Latitude 2016: Aurora

The Norwegian receives one of the receptions of the weekend on the 6 Music stage.

“They have the best lemonade here,” says Aurora Asknes half way through her 6 Music tent set at Latitude. “And the best trees.”

The Norwegian is a complete livewire for the whole of her 6 Music stage set this afternoon, and her energy proves infectious. Half of the tent starts the set sat down, but by closer ‘Conqueror’ it’s bouncing.

Aurora comments that the dancing crowd look like fish poking their heads above water - one in a string of hilarious between-stage comments. She’s clearly taken aback by the reception she receives, and ends ‘Conqueror’ bounding around the stage with never-ending passion and vigour.

A few sighs and comments are heard as she exits, sad that her cover of Oasis’ ‘Half The World Away’ doesn’t make an appearance, but the rapturous response Aurora receives today shows that she’s well set on a path all of her own.

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Photos: Sarah Louise Bennett / DIY

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