Album Review (Sandy) Alex G - Rocket

(Sandy) Alex G - Rocket

A brilliantly considered next step.


It’s been two years since (Sandy) Alex G released a full-length record, his 2015 Domino debut ‘Beach Music’, a lifetime for the uber-prolific 24 year-old. The time spent away (apart from that in which he contributed guitar parts to Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde’) sees Alex Giannascoli refining his now-signature sound, while also exuding the confidence of a singer that’s becoming so critically acclaimed. Indeed, the refrain of opener ‘Poison Root’ repeats “now I know everything”.

The album highlights come from ‘Proud’, with its irresistibly catchy vocal melody, and the drunken campfire singalong of ‘Bobby’, with Giannascoli taking things in a distinctly country direction, screeching violins and all.

Slowing down and refining his output has allowed Alex the time to make ‘Rocket’ a brilliantly considered next step. It’s also his catchiest record yet. 

Introducing Biig Piig

Introducing Biig Piig

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