On the telly: Watch Bleachers bring ‘Don’t Take The Money’ to Seth Meyers

Watch Bleachers bring ‘Don’t Take The Money’ to Seth Meyers

Jack Antonoff and co. rattled through the ‘Gone Now’ highlight.

Jack Antonoff’s been pretty busy with production duties lately, but that’s not stopped him and the Bleachers crew from recently dropping an ace second record in the form of ‘Gone Now’.

One of the album’s highlights is the sweeping, buoyant ‘Don’t Take The Money’, and Jack and co brought the track to Seth Meyers last night – with two drummers in tow! It was a slightly more meditative, laid-back version of the track, but the fact that it still works even in this form just shows Bleachers’ versatility.

Recently, we caught up with Jack Antonoff to talk about his second album. Read the full feature here.

Watch Bleachers play ‘Don’t Take The Money’ below.

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