Album Review Trailer Trash Tracys - Althaea

Trailer Trash Tracys - Althaea

A bold record that once again showcases the duo’s unique sound.


Alliterative Londoners Trailer Trash Tracys arrived in 2012 with a debut record of complex, layered shoegaze. It was a time in which dream-pop was very much the flavour of the month, and the band found a place among it with a sound that combined the musical stylings of My Bloody Valentine, The xx and Beach House.

Seemingly undeterred with changing fashions, they’ve pretty much picked up where they left off with second album ‘Althaea’. It’s a bold record that once again showcases the duo’s unique sound.

‘Smoked Silver’ is an intentionally messy start, with swirling synths, harsh bass notes and crashing drums all marching to their own beat simultaneously. This disparate approach is also evident on ‘Eden Machine’ and instrumental closer ‘100 Aspects of the Moon’.

Some memorable earworms come into play on a few occasions, but ‘Althaea’ really shines when Susanne Aztoria’s soft, dreamy vocals are at the forefront. It’s the emotive performances on tracks like ‘Siebenkås’ and ‘Singdrome’ that elevate them to album highlights.

On occasion you may feel that Trailer Trash Tracys could benefit from keeping things a little simpler, but fans of the band’s first record have plenty to enjoy here. 

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