Neu Pick Listen to the shimmering alt-pop of ‘Mirroring’ from NYC’s Yohuna

Listen to the shimmering alt-pop of ‘Mirroring’ from NYC’s Yohuna

Johanne Swanson’s second LP of the same name comes out in June.

Every weekday, DIY’s new music know-it-all Neu brings you one essential new release to get obsessed with. Today’s Neu Pick comes from Yohuna.

Yohuna - aka NYC’s Johanne Swanson - released her debut album, the Owen Pallett-produced ‘Patientness’, back in 2016. The first taster of its follow-up is today’s Neu Pick.

‘Mirroring’ is the first preview of her new album of the same name, which comes out on 7th June via Fear Of Missing Out Records.

Seeing the singer swapping piano for guitar as her primary instrument, the track is an intriguing step forward, but still anchored by her beautiful, breathy vocals.

Swathes of reverb-laden guitars wash over the track, taking it half way to becoming a shoegaze song, but it’s also packed with melody and brightness. It’s a rare trick, and a song that allows you to be swept away while also getting firmly stuck in your head.

“This album feels much more physical than the last one,” she says of the record.

“I wrote most of the songs on guitar, not my primary instrument… but I found the physicality of it to be really cathartic. Th at happened by accident, but that’s what happened.”

Listen to ‘Mirroring’ below.

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