Watch James V busts some moves in ‘Blondie’ video

James V busts some moves in ‘Blondie’ video

The LA artist has released his latest weird, yet wonderful, visuals.

You know that feeling when you sometimes need your pals to back you up? Well, in James V’s latest vid, he’s looking for just that as he recruits some mates via Skype to judge his dance moves with, um, not great results.

Performing over the psych-infused lo-fi pop bop, James V - pronounced James The Fifth, just fyi - has as many funky moves as the music itself. His first release following 2017’s ‘San Narciso’ EP and last year’s ‘Television’ single, ‘Blondie’ is his latest weird and wonderful output and it’s gonna leave you wanting more. And will deffo make you want to rent out a disused space to practice your finest dance moves ASAP.

Check the vid out below.

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