Feeder - Generation Freakshow

A simple rehash of their dynamic pop-grunge opus ‘Echo Park’.

Label: EMI

Rating: 5

By now some beleaguered Feeder fans must be close to breaking point. Given a reprieve from ridicule by the trio’s last long-player ‘Renegades’ being a rocky, drop-tuned return to their Smashing Pumpkins-lite heritage, they’ve elected to follow it with what a cynical person might suggest is a simple rehash of their dynamic pop-grunge opus ‘Echo Park’.

The keyboards are the same tones, the chords are similar intervals, the vocals are heartfelt without the lyrics really saying anything, and perhaps most tellingly they don’t deliver the goods on a pop hit to rival ‘Buck Rogers’. The highlights are grungy ‘Tiny Minds’ and radio-ready ‘In All Honesty’, but frankly the standard is consistent throughout.

More digestible than ‘Renegades’, it’s easy to imagine a few fair-weather fans (read: those that own the ‘Greatest Hits’) will return to the fold in time to sing ‘Feeling A Moment’ out of tune in a field this summer.