Indians - Somewhere Else

‘Somewhere Else’ really can take you somewhere else if you let it.

Label: 4AD

Rating: 7

This debut long player from Indians conjures an audio atmosphere that you can hop inside of and stay in for all 45 minutes of it. It’s an album that sounds as though it is looking inwards on the authors rather than acting as an outward look at the world. It’s full of the subtleties, melancholic melodies and spaciousness that make acts such as Bon Iver so engaging. ‘Somewhere Else’ would fit neatly alongside ‘Give You The Ghost’ from Polica or ‘Rispah’ from The Invisible in the record collections of those who like wistful songwriting.

To pick out highlights from the record would deduct from the fact that ‘Somewhere Else’ operates as one solid piece of work rather than separate compositions. The record often is so polished that it feels cold and free of feeling but it’s the characteristic vocals that remind you that it’s made by someone who’s very much a human. ‘Somewhere Else’ really can take you somewhere else if you let it. There will be those who will listen to Indians and not get swept along with their world-weary tidings but for those who feel the same or just want to escape, this LP is perfection.